Online Casino Roulette South Africa

Playing online Live Dealer Roulette

Online casinos have great roulette games. But they were all video roulette. While they had sound effects to simulate the ball hitting the slots, and really excellent graphics to simulate the wheel and bounce of the ball, it still lacked that certain something that makes roulette such a highly prized game.

Not anymore.

Now online casino players can head to their favourite online casino, from their own home or office, and get the full, live roulette experience thanks to online Live Dealer roulette.

All the sounds you miss. All the anticipation of watching a real ball spin and bounce across a real wheel. And a real human dealer to talk you through the roulette patter.
What is online Live Dealer roulette?

Online Live Dealer roulette is the real thing, as in a real game of roulette with real dealers, real wheels, real balls and real tables in real time via web cam technology.

It’s like going to an actual brick-and-mortar casino but you don’t need to leave your house.

How does online Live Dealer roulette work?

The top online casinos and the top game providers like Playtech, Micro Gaming and Evolution Gaming bring a real casino to your screen.

With an actual salon set up with real equipment and real dealers, all they needed to do was develop the software that would allow them to stream the game straight to you, whenever you want.

This is not a pre-recorded, watching others play scenario.

Each game room is live, in real time. When you play, you are playing against a dealer at that very second, along with players from all over the world.

Are online Live Dealer roulette games rigged?

Not if you are playing at a legit online casino. The licensed online casinos pay a small fortune, and the game providers spend a small fortune, to outfit the rooms, train the dealers and croupiers, set up the systems and make sure they have the connections to stream to you seamlessly. And you will only play if you think you are getting a fair deal, so they go to great lengths to make sure everything is above board.

Cameras watch over and record all games in progress, pit bosses keep an eye on the dealers and software programmes analyse all games to make sure they are fair and even physical pit bosses to keep an eye on the proceedings.

The dealers are highly trained and professional, from the way they dress to how they run the games to how they interact with the players (yes, you can actually chat with the dealers via live chat).

The Guru says:

There is nothing quite like physically being present while you are gambling and online Live Dealer roulette brings that to the online casino world. It is an incredible technological feat and one every dedicated player should give a spin.

The Guru recommends you do this before playing online Live Dealer poker:

  • Try a few different online casinos before jumping into Live Dealer games.
  • Always check the rules before you start playing.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Use winnings to carry on gambling and put your initial stake aside to play another day.