Choosing the best slots games to play online is a mammoth task. There are thousands of slots games available online, and more being added all the time. It also depend on what you are looking for in a slots game. Do you want big payouts or smaller, more consistent payouts? Are you looking for a classic 3-reel online slots game or a more tech advanced 5-reel online slots game? Are bonus games a big factor? What about the theme of the game or the bonuses on offer or whether they are free-to-play?

As you can see, putting together a list of the best slots games to play online is an almost impossible task.
But the Guru is nothing if not dedicated to making sure you, the loyal and passionate online casino player, has access to all the best information so you can make the most educated choice in the games you play. We went around the office and asked our staff players what their favourite online slots games are and then sorted them into categories to make it easier for you to decide on or try the games that get us spinning.
So, without further ado, here are some of the Guru’s favourite (and best by a popular demand) online slots games.

Top 5 free online slots games

Free online slots games are games where you do not need to wager real money. But you also don’t win real money. Free slots are great fun for slots fans and some online casinos do offer ‘prizes’ for winners. Most online casinos also free demos for their slots games so you can try them out without having to invest right from the first spin.

Top 5 online 3-reel slots

3-reel slots are really fun to play. These classic games may not have ALL the bells and whistles of the online 5-reel games but they do still offer bonuses and multiple pay lines on many of their games. Online 3-reel slots games are fast and offer bigger payouts but less often than the more complicated bigger versions.

Top 5 5-reel online slots games

5-reel online slots games are the most popular slots games at online casinos. They are modern, tech-heavy and incredibly immersive with hundreds of pay lines, amazing bonuses and mini-games within the main game, and all the wilds and scatters and jokers your heart could wish for.

Top 5 3D online slots games

3D online slots games are the latest innovation in the online slots world. They bring in more technology to give you games that have high def 3D graphics, incredible sound and sound effects, mini video intros and a lot more storytelling. Plus, all the bonuses, wilds and scatters you want in a slots game.

Top 5 video slots games

Video slots are why online casinos exist – no more bulky slot machines in physical housing with mechanical actions. Now you can play using a video screen with technology that lets you play anywhere you are, at any time you want.

Video slots are an all-encompassing term that includes 3-reel, 5-reel and 3D but, because the Guru loves slots, we are giving you another five to choose from for great entertainment, sound and graphics.

Top 5 mobile slots games

Mobile gaming using a tablet or smartphone is growing in popularity worldwide. With mobile technology allowing us to experience the internet and high-end entertainment with ease from anywhere, it make sense that the top online casinos and game developers have invested heavily in this channel.

For those concerned about a limited offering of slots games, keep this in mind: one of the biggest ever slots wins (over 7 million Euros) was won using an iPad!

The Guru hopes this helps you to decide which online and mobile slots to try out. As ever, have FUN first and remember, if you are playing for real money, set a budget, stick to it and walk away to play another day.