Play Progressive Slots Online

Mega Moolah Online Casino SlotsSlots for fun. Slots for real money. Video slots. 3-reel slots. 5-reel slots. The choice of options and games in the online slots world seems bewildering. But there is one slots version that truly rises above the rest in terms of the massive rewards that await the passionate slots player.

Progressive slots.

Progressive slots are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And, like the pot of gold, have achieved a mythical status among gamblers.

What are progressive slots?

Most slots games and machines offer a fixed jackpot amount. Progressive slots are named after the progressive jackpots that they offer. A progressive jackpot is one that grows every time the game is played but the jackpot is NOT won.

Every time someone plays the game a small percentage of the wager is added to the jackpot total. This ensures that the jackpot keeps growing until one lucky person hits the winning combo.

What happens when a progressive slots jackpot is hit?

When a player hits the winning combo, it pays out the jackpot total to the winning player. The jackpot is then reset to a lower pre-determined amount and begins to grow again as it is played.

Why should I play progressive slots?

In short – big wins. Progressive slots, and their constantly growing jackpots, are the biggest payout games available in an online casino. Where a non-progressive game can offer you great fun and consistent small winnings, the progressive slots offer life-changing amounts of money. Because of the odds against a winner hitting the big jackpot the total is always rising. This attracts a lot of players who add their wagers to the growing jackpot. Which is difficult to win. Which grows, attracting even more players. Who add their wagers to the jackpot pool.
And when we say truly mind-blowing amounts of money, we really mean it. The biggest online casino slots wins in history all come from progressive jackpots and all paid out multi-millions of dollars to the winner.

What types of progressive online slots are there?

There are three main versions of progressive online slots available:

  • Standalone progressive
    These progressive online slots focus on one particular online slots game and only bets on that specific game are added to the jackpot total. They offer more chances of winning but the jackpots are the smallest of the progressive slots options.
  • Local progressives
    Local progressives are a network of linked slots games within a specific casino. By linking a lot of games together the jackpot is fed by more players, ensuring faster growth and bigger payouts than the standalone progressives.
  • Wide area network progressives
    These are the pinnacle of progressive slots and the most popular online slots games in online casinos. Wide area network progressive slots link a huge number of games across different casinos and often across different countries and continents.

With the number of players adding their percentages to the pot, you can imagine how fast these jackpots add up – and how big the totals get.
There are other online casino games, like blackjack, that can offer progressive jackpots, but none come close to the astronomical jackpots offered by wide area progressive slots games.

The Guru recommends you try these progressive slots games

Obviously, you need to try Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune if they are offered by your favourite online casino, but progressive slots are not only about the big jackpots – they also offer excellent fun and thrilling experiences.

Our top picks: Remember, you are playing to have FUN and win. Winners know when it is time to take a break. Walk away and play another day.

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What can I do to win a progressive slots jackpot?

Like any fair online slots game, the outcomes are completely random. Slots games are true games of chance and there are no strategies or secrets that can affect the way the Random Number Generator stops those reels.
Your chances of winning a really big progressive slots jackpot are in the millions-to-one. But there is still a chance!
Keep in mind though, to win the biggest jackpot you will need to play the max bet each time.

  • The Guru does suggest you follow these tips for the best progressive online slots experience:
  • Check the jackpot to see what you can win (it is usually a big ticker with a total that rises as you are watching).
  • Always check the terms and conditions.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Check the game and casino policies, especially the payout policies.

Are progressive slots jackpots really that big?

Mega Moolah – over 17 million Euros in 2015.
Mega Fortune – over 17 million Euros in 2013.
Mega Fortune – over 11 million Euros in 2011
Mega Moolah ¬– over 7 million Euros in 20186.
Hall of Gods – over 7 million Euros in 2015.

And the list goes on. In fact, Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune together are the biggest progressive slots payout games and have paid out over a billion US dollars in winnings.

The Guru recommends these casinos for progressive online slots games

Ready to try hit the big time? The Guru suggests you give these online casinos a try for great progressive slots games and a trusted experience:

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