Dragon Fortress Battle of the castle slot review

Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle by Netgaming slot review

Embark on a medieval adventure with Netgaming’s Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle, an engaging online and mobile slot that blends historical themes with mythical legends and retro 16-bit gaming with modern slot action. This game promises to entertain and immerse players in a narrative-rich experience filled with dragons, knights, and abundant Bonus Features.


Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle transports players to a medieval era where castles and mythical creatures rule the landscape. Set against the backdrop of a grand castle, the game follows Colin the Conqueror as he navigates classic side-scroller levels to confront the formidable Dragon.

This thrilling adventure is packed with a variety of Bonus Features, adding excitement and anticipation to create an immersive and richly entertaining gaming experience.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are spectacular, paying homage to an era of video gaming innovation while offering crisp, clear visuals with vibrant colors and detailed symbols, including knights, dragons, shields, and coins. Modern animation techniques enhance the experience, making each spin visually captivating. The screen is split into two halves: the bottom half houses the reels and rows of the slots game, while the top half features an arcade-style area where Colin climbs levels to uncover Features.

Winning symbols are collected in clusters of three or more, but the real excitement comes from unlocking Features through Scatters.

The symbols, ranked from lowest to highest payout, are Green Coin, Purple Coin, Blue Coin, Brown Coin, Gold Coin, Scroll, Helmet, and Shield.

Players should watch for the Treasure Chest Scatter symbol. Landing a Scatter moves Colin up the castle levels by the revealed number of steps and triggers a random Feature, offering the potential for lucrative wins.

The game’s striking visuals are complemented by a fun soundtrack that heightens the excitement of each spin. Carefully crafted sound effects match the actions on the reels, from the clashing of swords to the roaring of dragons to the cheering crowds on a win, creating an immersive auditory experience that perfectly complements the game’s theme.


Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle is brimming with Features and Bonus Games. When the Chest Scatter appears on the reels, it reveals a number indicating how many steps Colin can advance up the castle levels. Whenever Colin encounters a Secret Door or passes a Mystery Chest, a Reward is triggered.

These Rewards comprise:

  • Random Wilds: Places 1 – 3 Wild symbols randomly on the reels
  • Wild Reels: Stacks 1 reel with Wilds
  • Win Multipliers: Grants wins with x2, x3, x5, or x10 Multipliers
  • Cash Prizes: Awards a random cash amount
  • Mini Game Wheel: Initiates a Bonus Spin & Win game

The Mini Game Wheel introduces several lucrative Bonus Features:

  • Fortune Bonus Pick: Select as many coins as possible before revealing the RIP Tombstone that concludes the round
  • Hero Lottery: Match 3 coins to claim the prize
  • Treasure Chest Spins: 3 spins with 3 Bet Multiplier prize coins. Accumulate more coins to increase the prize value. Each additional coin landing resets the spins to 3.
  • Dragon Free Spins: Endless Free Spins as Colin progresses towards the Dragon and the Boss Fight.
  • Boss Fight: Outscore the Dragon to continue the Free Spins adventure.

Players have the option to use the Buy Feature (at 50x the bet) to access the Mini Game Wheel and a random Feature.

Reels and Rows

Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle presents a conventional layout with 5 reels and 3 rows, providing a familiar gaming experience that’s effortless to navigate for players of all levels.

Its most notable innovation is the split screen, which introduces an arcade-style game area above the reels for engaging Features gameplay.

The game mechanics are sleek, guaranteeing a seamless experience with every spin, whether you’re playing on desktop or mobile devices.

Mobile Accessibility

Netgaming has prioritized full optimization for mobile devices with Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle. Whether you’re gaming on a smartphone or tablet, this mobile slot delivers top-notch graphics and sound, with an interface that seamlessly adapts to smaller screens. The accessibility on mobile devices is exceptional, enabling players to indulge in this captivating slot game from any location, at any time.

Casino Guru’s Verdict

Netgaming’s Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle stands out as an exceptional online and mobile slot. Its captivating theme, breathtaking graphics, immersive sound design, and array of innovative features make it a must-play at Play.co.za. With its moderate RTP and balanced volatility, it offers an equitable and thrilling gaming experience for players of all preferences. Whether you’re at home or on the move, this game provides accessible entertainment with the potential for significant wins, all within a fantastical medieval realm. Add Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle to your favorites and immerse yourself in the excitement of battle and the triumph of victory! However, always remember to play responsibly when enjoying online and mobile slots like Dragon Fortress – Battle of the Castle. Set personal limits and enjoy the game responsibly as a source of entertainment.