Sugartime slot review

Sugartime by EGT Digital Slot Review

Sugartime by EGT Digital, introduces an enticing online and mobile slot to satisfy players’ craving for sweet slot action. This game blends vibrant graphics, captivating Cascading Symbols gameplay, and mouthwatering themes to deliver a delightful gaming experience.


Sugartime’s theme is a confectionery paradise, immersing players in a realm adorned with candy canes, chocolates, and a variety of colorful sweets.

The game welcomes players into a saccharine universe where each symbol and background detail is meticulously designed to evoke the delightful indulgence of candy and desserts. It’s the perfect choice for those who relish vibrant, animated themes in their gaming adventures.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics exude brightness and playfulness, featuring a whimsical cartoonish style that infuses the gameplay with a joyful atmosphere. Each symbol is intricately crafted to align with the sugary motif, ensuring thematic consistency throughout the game.

Starting from the lowest to the highest paying symbols, players will encounter Yellow Jellybeans, Purple Jellies, Blue Jellies, Green Jellies, Red Candy Hearts, Purple Candy Bells, Blue Candy Stars, Green Candy Clovers, Candy 777s, and Cupcake Scatters.

The Cupcake symbol acts as the Scatter, triggering the Free Spins Feature.

During Free Spins, the Candy Dynamite symbol bestows Win Multipliers.

The Clover Chance symbol initiates the EGT Digital Jackpot innovation.

Accompanying the delightful visuals is an equally cheerful soundtrack. The music in Sugartime is lively and upbeat, occasionally infused with whimsical tones that perfectly complement the game’s theme. Sound effects accompanying winning spins and activated features are crisp and well-timed, enhancing the immersive experience without overwhelming the senses.


Sugartime boasts a delightful Free Spins Feature, triggered when players land 4 or more Cupcake Scatters anywhere on the reels.

Throughout the Free Spins round, active Win Multipliers range from x2 to x100.

Additionally, there’s the innovative Clover Chance mechanic, introducing a 4-tiered Jackpot Feature that offers players the opportunity to win a Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Progressive Jackpot.

Players have the option to purchase the Free Spins Feature (at 100x the bet) and can also choose to Gamble any winnings they acquire.

Reels and Rows

Sugartime features a 6×5 reel layout, utilizing a Cluster Pays mechanic where clusters of 8 or more identical symbols appearing anywhere on the reels lead to a win. Additionally, Sugartime incorporates a Cascading Feature, where winning symbols vanish and are substituted by new symbols, enhancing the potential for consecutive wins.

Mobile Accessibility

Acknowledging the rising popularity of mobile gaming, EGT Digital has tailored Sugartime for both mobile and desktop users. Accessible via any modern browser on smartphones and tablets, the game ensures a seamless experience across all devices. Transitioning to the mobile casino platform is effortless, with the game’s features and performance upheld to a high standard, ensuring that players can savor Sugartime anytime, anywhere.

Casino Guru’s Verdict

Sugartime, crafted by EGT Digital, stands out as a delightful confection in the expansive realm of online slots. Its charming graphics, delightful sounds, and engaging features make it an enticing choice at Its accessibility on mobile devices further elevates its allure, enabling players to embark on this sugary adventure from any location. Whether you have a sweet tooth or simply seek a delightful and equitable slot experience, Sugartime is guaranteed to satiate your gaming desires.

As always, while online and mobile slots like Sugartime offer excitement and thrills in casino entertainment, it’s crucial to engage in responsible gaming. Set personal limits and relish the game as a source of entertainment.